Waterproof 2.4G Android IR learning for hotel STB system

Waterproof 2.4G Android IR learning for hotel STB system

Model No.︰LPI-W053-XS

Brand Name︰LPINTE

Country of Origin︰China

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Minimum Order︰1000 pc

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Product Description

Waterproof 2.4G Android and TV Control IR learning


Item: LPI-W053-RFIR
Waterproof IP65
2.4G for android PC TVBox, IPTVs
TV Control IR learning

USB Dongle

IR Learning 
5 keys learn device code what's you need

SET: Learning key, long press SET key to into Learning mode.
Power: On/Off 
DIY key

2.4G Android, TVbox

Button Name HID page HID usage Linux Key Code Name Linux Key Code(Scancode)(hex) Linux Key Code(Scancode)(decimal)
TV 0x0c 0x0089 KEY_TV 0x0179 377
POWER 0x0c 0x019E KEY_POWER 0x0098 116
MUTE 0x0c 0x00E2 KEY_MUTE 0x0071 113
RED 0x07 0x003c KEY_F3 0x003d 61
GREEN 0x07 0x003d KEY_F4 0x003e 62
YELLOW 0x07 0x003e KEY_F5 0x003f 63
WWW 0x0c 0x008A KEY_WWW 0x0096 150
BLUE 0x07 0x003F KEY_F6 0x0040 64
MENU 0x0c 0x0040 KEY_MENU 0x008b 139
<<FORWARD  0x0c 0x00b3 KEY_FASTFORWARD 0x00d0 208
STOP 0x07 0x0043 KEY_F10 0x0044 68
PLAY 0x07 0x0043 KEY_F10 0x0044 68
BACKWARD >> 0x07 0x0042 KEY_F9 0x0043 67
VOL+ 0x0c 0x00E9 Keyboard Volume Up 0x0073 115
CH+ 0x07 0x004b KEY_PAGEUP 0x0068 104
UP 0x07 0x0052 KEY_UP 0x0067 103
LEFT 0x07 0x0050 KEY_LEFT 0x0069 105
OK 0x07 0x0028 KEY_ENTER 0x001c 28
RIGHT 0x07 0x004f KEY_RIGHT 0x006a 106
DOWN 0x07 0x0051 KEY_DOWN 0x006c 108
VOL- 0x0c 0x00EA KEY_VOLUMEDOWN 0x0072 114
CH- 0x07 0x004e KEY_PAGEDOWN 0x006d 109
BACK 0x07 0x0029 KEY_ESC 0x0001 1



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